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Advanced Image Coding

Advanced Image Coding (AIC) is an experimental still image compression system that combines algorithms from the H.264 and JPEG standards. More specifically, it combines intra frame block prediction from H.264 with a JPEG-style discrete cosine transform, followed by context adaptive binary arithmetic coding sas used in H.264.
The result is a compression scheme that performs much better than JPEG and close to JPEG-2000.


Easy to use Delphi 2009 GDI+ 1.1 Library

This library enables GDI+ functionality for Delphi 2009 and later. The library focuses on ease of use by providing a high level API similar to the .NET System.Drawing namespace. It provides support for the GDI+ version 1.1 extensions introduced with Windows Vista and comes with sample applications that demonstrate the usage of GDI+


Windows Animation Library for Delphi

This is a Delphi translation of the Windows Animation Library header files. The Windows Animation Manager (Windows Animation, aka Scenic Animation in beta version of Windows 7) is a new platform that enables rich animation of user interface elements. This library requires Windows 7 or later.


.Net-style Regular Expression Library for Delphi 2009 or later

This Regular Expression Library emulates the .Net classes in the System.Text.RegularExpressions namespace. It uses PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions) as the backend to perform the regular expression matching.


Windows Ribbon Framework for Delphi

A very complete library to work with Microsoft's native Windows Ribbon Framework in Delphi. Comes with a Ribbon Designer that lets you design, build, preview and test ribbon user interfaces.


App Game Kit for Pascal

A Pascal wrapper and class library for App Game Kit. Allows you to write games in Pascal using Delphi, Free Pascal, Lazarus and Xcode. And run those games on Windows, Mac OS X and iOS.


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