AGK for Pascal
TAgkAdvert.Create Method

Creates an advert for revenue generation.

class procedure Create(const AdvertType: TAgkAdvertType; const HorzAlign: TAgkHorizontalAlignment; const VertAlign: TAgkVerticalAlignment); static;
const AdvertType: TAgkAdvertType 
The type of advert to display. Currently only320x50 banners are supported. 
const HorzAlign: TAgkHorizontalAlignment 
The horizontal alignment of the ad (left, center or right). 
const VertAlign: TAgkVerticalAlignment 
The vertical alignment of the ad (top, center or bottom). 

Before calling this method you must have set your ad account details with the one of the other class methods such as SetInneractiveDetails. Not all platforms support all ad providers so setting as many account details as possible will allow AGK to select a suitable ad for this platform. This advert will typically be a 320x50 banner displayed somewhere around the edge of your app. Creating an ad when one already exists will replace the existing ad.

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