AGK for Pascal
TAgkNetwork.SetLocalFloat Method

Sets a local floating point variable for this client by name.

procedure SetLocalFloat(const Name: String; const Value: Single; const Reset: Boolean = False);
const Name: String 
The name of the variable. 
const Value: Single 
The value for the variable. 
const Reset: Boolean = False 
(optional) Whether the variable will reset after read. Default False. See Remarks for details. 

Other clients can then read this variable by using the same name when requesting its value (see TAgkNetworkClient.GetFloat). The Reset parameter specifies how this variable should behave, with a value of True meaning that this variable will reset to 0 when read. For example if you wanted to send a click notification you could set a value of 1 to signify a click with a Reset value of True. When each client reads the variable, each will see the value 1, but if they try to read it again they will get the value 0. Each client only resets its own copy of the variable. A Reset value of False (default) means it is a normal variable that will not change when read. 

If the variable with that name does not exist it is created. Once a variable is created in normal or resetting mode it cannot be changed and the Reset parameter is ignored.

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