AGK for Pascal
TAgkPhysics.Debug Property

Enables or disables the drawing of internal physics shapes on screen.

class property Debug: Boolean;

If you TAgkScene.SetViewOffset to something other than 0,0 make sure non of your physics sprites are fixed to the screen using TAgkSprite.FixedToScreen otherwise the debug shapes will not line up. Debug outlines are drawn as world sprites. 

The debug output will draw the shape of every physics sprite set when this property is True, and all non physics sprites that have a shape assigned for non-physics collision commands. The shapes will be drawn in the following colors:

  • Cream=Dynamic physics object
  • Green=Static physics object
  • Blue=Non-physics object
  • Grey=Sleeping dynamic physics object.

Additionally physics objects will be drawn as shaded with an outline, non-physics objects will be an outline only.

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