AGK for Pascal
TAgkSprite.UVBorder Property

Controls how the sprite handles UVs that might extend beyond the bounds of the image during sampling, for example when the edge of the sprite is halfway across a pixel.

property UVBorder: Single;

By default (UVBorder=0.5) the sprite compensates for this by offsetting UV coords by 0.5 pixels inwards. However this means that the outer most pixels of the sprite's image may not show. UVBorder=0 removes this offset creating a pixel perfect reproduction of the image, but this may cause texture seams when trying to line up sprites of the same image that don't fall exactly on a whole pixel. Setting the border to 0 may also cause animated sprites, or sprites using a texture atlas, to 'steal' pixels from neighbouring images. You may also increase this effect by setting the border greater than 0.5 pixels.

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