AGK for Pascal
TAgkNetwork Members

The following tables list the members exposed by TAgkNetwork.

Creates a new AGK object with an owner. 
Creates a network message that can be sent to another network device. 
All network objects are automatically destroyed when their owner (such as the application in which it is used) is destroyed. However, if you don't need the network anymore, you can save resources and close the connection by destroying it earlier. Also, when the network object has no owner, you need to destroy it yourself when you are done with it. 
Given only a client ID, returns the client with this ID. 
Check the network for any messages sent to this client. If none are found it returns nil. If a message is found it returns a message you can use to read the message. 
Creates an AGK network with this app as the controller. This app is added as the first client to the network. 
This is the overview for the Join method overload. 
Stops anymore clients from connecting to this network. 
Sends a network message created by CreateMessage to a given client. 
Sets a local floating point variable for this client by name. 
Sets a local integer variable for this client by name. 
Returns the number of clients in the Clients array. 
The clients connected to the network. 
Returns the number of clients connected to the network. 
Returns a TAgkNetworkClient representing the client ID of the host's client. 
The internal ID of the object. 
Checks that the network is active. 
Sets how often the network sends updates and checks for variable updates from other clients in milliseconds. 
Each client is assigned a unique ID by the host when it connects. This property returns a TAgkNetworkClient object with the ID that you have been assigned. 
The number of objects that this object owns. 
The objects that this object owns. 
The owner of this object. 
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